It is my mission to help my cliënts make their dreams come true. There are several ways to achieve that:

  • BY GIVING CONSULTANCY SESSIONS. These sessions solve the real problem and have a preventive effect. They help in the solving of existing problems, ailments or diseases, either business or private. Besides that, they also can prevent problems in an early stage. These consultancy sessions offer curative (healing) results and indepth insight... The insight they offer is threefold:
  1. people discover their talents 
  2. people discover their targets
  3. people learn to realize their targets:
  • BY GIVING TRAININGS AND SEMINARS. Our trainings and seminars are based on the 3G-method. The 3 G's are an abbreviation of the Dutch words gedachten, gevoelens and gedragingen, meaning thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Thinking, feeling and doing are key in the innovative 3G-method. This innovative creationmethod guarantees a faster, easier and completer realisation of your goals.


  1. you attain more selfconfidence
  2. you become more balanced
  3. you will become more successful
  • BY GIVING INCOMPANY TRAININGS. These trainings are 'tailor made' and completely in line with your personal needs and the needs of your employees. Besides that, they are also attuned to the core qualities of your company, firm or organisation!
  1. LINKEDIN. Please view my profile on Linkedin. This is the direct link: nl.linkedin.com/in/roelandsuylen


  • High School (diploma in 1980)
  • Dutch Academy for Natural Medicine (diploma in 1986)
  • Dutch Academy for Professional Astrology (diploma in 1997)
  • Therapeutic Touch (diploma in 1998)
  • Journey Practioners’ Programme with Brandon Bays in the UK (accreditation in 2007)


  • Naturopath at the Dutch Academy for Natural Medicine (1985 – 1986)
  • Professional Astrologer and Teacher of Astrology at the University Extension (1986 – 1995)
  • Professional Coach, Holistic Therapist and Supervisor in my Practice for Holistic Therapy (1995-2009)
  • Private Tutor at the Johan Borgman College (1995-2009)
  • Private Tutor at the Dutch Academy for Natural Medicine (1995 – 2009)
  • Publication of my first book: ‘The Essence of Spirituality’ by the Dutch Publisher Akasha Eeserveen (2003).
  • Various interviews and lectures in Holland, such as an hour airtime on a Dutch Radioprogramme.
  • Professional Journeytherapist (accredited by Brandon Bays)
  • In April 2009 my newest book ‘Make your dreams come true’ will be published by the Dutch publisher Andromeda.
  • In April 2009 the German translation of my newest book ‘Mach deine Träume wahr’ will be published by Verlag Via Nova.


  • writing poetry (publication of professional poetry collection by the Dutch Publisher Kok Kampen in 2001)
  • making music (singing, composing and playing guitar)
  • discrete and higher mathematics
  • hatha yoga
  • fitness