What advantages does the 3G-method offer?

1. The 3G-method is flexible and tailor-made and thus applicable to everyone. You can efficiently strengthen the weakest link within your consciousness (thinking, feeling or doing, depending on what suits you best). 2. Because you gear the 3 G?s (thoughts, feelings and behaviours) fully to one another the effect is optimal. As a result of this threefold tuning you develop greater creative forces. You are more focused and accurate, and therefore accomplish your goal in a more complete, sustainable and quicker way, with less effort. You become a master of your own life and accomplish the highest feasible! 3. Besides a deeper insight in who you really are, you develop a clear vision on how you think, feel and what you accomplish in this world. 4. The 3G-method has both creative and curative (healing) properties. Self-realization, self-development, therapy and creative force will merge when applied correctly. 5. The 3G-method is understandable and easy to apply.

What is the 3G-method and how can YOU use it in your life?

Whenever your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are attuned to each other and to your goals, then you realize everything you want in your life.They only limitations may be your inborn (inherent) qualities and talents. The 3G-method is easy and user-friendly. Unlike The Secret, \'mental coaching\' and \'positive thinking\', it creates more possibillities to achieve your goals easier, faster and more complete. Besides that, the 3G-method is in accordance with the basic principles of quantumfysics and the innovative scientific conclusions of scientist like Timothy Wilson (modern psychology), Antonio Damasio (neurology) and David Felter (founder of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology).